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Matthew Raggo Class of 2011
Owen Ragsdill Class of 1974
Lucy Ramel (Ramirez) Class of 1983
Luis Ramerez Class of 2003
Jacob Ramirez
Juan Ramirez
Krystal Ramirez Class of 2009
April Ramirez
Mario Ramirez
Rachel Ramirez Class of 1988
Trina Ramirez Class of 1998
Rosemary Ramos Class of 1996
Mary E Ramos (Garcia) Class of 1973
Mischelle Ramos (Ayala) Class of 1989
Christine Ramos Class of 1974
Dawn Ramsay (Lester) Class of 1971
Dan Ramsey Class of 1969
James Ramsey Class of 1969
Amelia Randall
Carmen Randolph Class of 1978
Eckhart Randy
Shirley Ranne Class of 1962
Carol Ransleben Class of 1960
Calvin Rathke Class of 1960
David Rathke Class of 1986
Rory Rausch Class of 1978
Patti Ray Class of 1976
Sharon Ray Class of 1976
Chris Raymer
Dorothy Rayson
Dava Read Class of 1949
Jacob Reagan Class of 2009
Mike Reavley
Taryn Rediker Class of 1983
Johnny Reeh
David Rees Class of 1962
Debbie Reese
Amanda Reese
John Reeves Class of 1968
Micheal Reeves Class of 1986
Samantha Reeves Class of 2010
Rochelle Reichenau Class of 1995
Marvin Reichenau
Misty Reichenau Class of 1999
Jim Reid
Oscar Reina Class of 2007
Kathleen Reinecke (Grimmett) Class of 1965
Terresa Reinholt Class of 1974
Eric Reinholt Class of 1980
Giles Reiter
Janiet Reither Class of 1971
Deandra Rendon Class of 1991
Andrew Rendon Class of 2001
Tony Rendon Class of 1993
Matthew Rendon Class of 2003
Travis Reno
Jill Reno Class of 2000
Peggy Rester (Reinholt) Class of 1969
Paul Rethman Class of 1987
Merissa Revees
Mike Reveley Class of 1963
Natalie Reyes Class of 2001
Mike Reynolds Class of 1973
Alyssa Reynolds Class of 2009
William Reynolds Class of 1948
Charles Reynolds
Sara Rhodes
Dusty Rhodes Class of 1989
Mike Ri Class of 1998
Andrew Rice
Jon Rich Class of 2007
Kathelene Rich Class of 1991
Alike Richardson
Linda Richerson Class of 1968
Tera Phipps Richison Class of 1993
Lacey Richter
Kneese Rick Class of 1980
Imelda Rios Class of 1980
Joseph Rios Class of 2005
Jessica Rios Class of 1997
Jesus Rios Class of 1983
Sonya Rios Class of 1992
Isaac Rios Class of 1969
Isaac Rios (Rios) Class of 1970
Sonya M. Rios Class of 1992
Brian Risinger Class of 1982
Kathlene Ritch
Jason Rittimann Class of 1988
Janet Rivera Class of 2009
Rigo Rivera
Cherry Rivers Class of 1997
Alexis Roach Class of 1995
Sharon Robbins
Heather Roberson
Kristie Roberson Class of 1991
Christy Roberts Class of 1976
Debbie Robin Class of 1975
Sherron Robins Class of 1958
Lola Robinson Class of 1986
Robyn Robison Class of 1991
Ana Robles Class of 2011
Rebecca Rocha Class of 1984
Jesus Rodea Class of 2008
Roderick Rodreguez Rodreguez
Ernestina Rodriguez
Heather Rodriguez
Martha Rodriguez Class of 1986
Rebecca Rodriguez Class of 1938
Roxanne Rodriguez
Arturo Rodriguez Class of 2011
Christina Rodriguez
Cristian Rodriguez Class of 2011
Lydia Rodriguez Class of 1980
Chris Roeder Class of 1979
Christine Roeder Class of 1979
Joy Roederer (Smith) Class of 1975
Shirly Rogers Class of 1962
Danise Rogers Class of 1990
Barrel Roll Class of 1988
Phillip Roman Class of 1998
Nina Romas
Tony Romo Class of 1988
Jennifer Rosales Class of 2009
Julie Rosales Class of 1998
Angelica Rosales Class of 2003
Kim Rosales Class of 1993
Nina Rosales Class of 1998
Rudy Rosas
Rudy Rosas Class of 1970
Rudolph Rosas Class of 1973
Chase Rosborough Class of 2011
Betsy Ross Class of 1970
Janice Rotge Class of 1980
Margret Ruby Class of 1982
Steve Rue Class of 1986
Ray Ruis Class of 1990
Jose Ruiz Class of 2009
Derrick Ruiz Class of 2013
Ronald Rumsey Class of 1974
Stephen Rumsey Class of 1974
Chris Russ
Linda Russell Class of 1965
Leon Russell Class of 1985
Claire Russell Class of 2013
John Russell Class of 2001
Martinez Ruth
John Ruth
Sykes Ruthie Class of 1969

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